FASA Winged Defender and Variant   12-13-2010

V-30 Class Winged Defender and the V-31 Winged Defender Class Variant
(Winged Defender) Class XII Heavy Cruisers
XON Gaming Item; Researched and Written by Mark_XON
Extensive Help by UFC


This write up is written so both Winged Defenders can be played in Starship combat.

The V-30 Winged Defender and the V-31 Winged Defender Class Variant.*

*FASA provided two major versions of the V-30 Winged Defender. First, it was a delta wing shape with 2 "weapon pods" underneath, with the warp engines on the wing tips and the second a more modern design "2271 (launch)" has the disrupters underneath in the talon position and the warp engines on the wing tips. The overall design has uncanny similarities to the ST:III (2285) BoP 2/17 2271 (launch) design that was built new (or commissioned in the Klingon Navy) around the same time as the V-31. Note: The BoP is a Romulan Design.

FASA based the V-31 on the similarities of the ST:III BoP to help tie the games history in better with canon and show some progression towards the Romulan designed 2/17 2271 (launch) STIII (2285) Klingon Bird of Prey 2/1909 2274 (launch). The Romulan/Klingon treaty of 2/1801 2277 (actual) allowed the Klingons to obtain a Romulan design. A behind the scenes note: Originally the STIII BoP was to have a romulan crew, later plans changed that to Klingons, hence the Treaty history. See FASA#2303 Romulan Ship Recognition Manual, pg 37 and FASA#2214 STIII Sourcebook Update, pg 29 for more info on the treaty.

The question or error in FASA's self continuity regarding the V-30 by Fans was that by the time of the movie STIII, FASA released a new book with the new V-30 as one of the ships. This newer publication of this ship became a mystery as to why FASA almost completely ignored the previous V-30 in older publications, as much so as to radically change its appearance. The newest description FASA provided explicitly states "...Exemplifying the new-style design..." That's the only acknowledgment we get of the earlier V-30. So....

The info on this page is what I gathered and also determined to correct the FASA V-30 'oversight'. I Finalized on that there are two versions(3 types total); V-30 Type1 and the new class that we now call the V-31 with Type 1 and Type 2. This is in compliance with FASA rulings regarding later printings. (see later).

This page is for Information for FASA players and FASA Groups, to help with there research.


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v30-v31mini.jpg (34938 bytes)

CIRCA: 2/2300 (2287)

Known Sphere Of Operation: Empire-wide use

Data Reliability: A

Major Data Source: Romulan Sector Intelligence; Project Grey Ghost

The V-31 is the most powerful of all Romulan warships. Exemplifying the new-style design, the cruiser now looks more like a bird and has variable wing positions. This ship is a "?class variant?" of the V-30, the V-31 only retained the central hull superstructure and some of the extended supports, but  its role in the fleet remained the same. This ship is not an actual variant or sub-class, the class number is changed and not the Class Name. (see later)

Introduced about Stardate 2/17 2271(launch) and equipped with a veritable arsenal of heavy beam weapons, the Type 1 mounts eight disruptors arranged to give covering fire in all arc directions. In addition, it mounts the newest plasma weapon, the RPL-3, a forward-firing weapon more efficient than most. Coupled with the cloaking device, allows the V-31 to use standard Romulan tactics and deliver a devastating first strike. The Type 2, introduced about Stardate 2/19 2275(single), mounts the new Romulan/Klingon-designed RP-3 photon torpedoes both fore and aft. This vessel is not landing capable, but carries shuttlecraft instead.

V-31s are used as flagships or focal points of a fleet, several of which have three or four of these vessels assigned to them . The V-31 is also the new border workhorse of the Romulan Fleet, it is being deployed along the Neutral Zone and areas bordering the Triangle as a deterrent to possible incursions into Empire space. Furthermore, these ships have been used recently as of Reference stardate 2/1802 2272(single) for 'shadowing' missions along the Neutral Zone, following a course parallel to and just outside sensors range of any Federation ships that approach the Zone. While on there respective sides, This has made exact identification of the vessel impossible (of 2287) , and has added to the confusion concerning the exact disposition of these cruisers. They seem to be everywhere and making estimates of their number difficult, and experts do not agree (of 2285) on the number of these in service. Some experts(of 2285) believe that the Romulans are trying deliberate to give the impression that they have far more of these ships than are really in service, going so far as to change the ships' names and assignment in a confusing manner to foster this misconception. Till now(2285), it has not been worth risking war to find out.

These cruisers, like the V-27s, never operate alone. On every occasion monitored, the V-31 has had an escort of destroyers and or other cruisers. Although there are no recorded direct confrontation incidents of combat between these ships and Federation vessels, most experts agree that an encounter between a V-31 and an Enterprise Class cruiser would be a fairly even match of firepower. More so than any pair of earlier Romulan ship and any major Federation warship. Unsubstantiated reports of Klingon encounters with these vessels have been received, with the V-31s reportedly being victorious in all cases.

Of the approximately 35 built, all remain on active duty assigned to border areas. Current intelligence(2287) reports show that as many as seven Winged Defenders are being added per year.

The class name is carried over from the V-30, it came from the Romulan vas'deletham (winged defender), in reference to a small, flying creature native to Remus. These small birds have been known to fight to the death to defend their nest, driving away even full-grown Romulans.


 v30-cruiser_v30.jpg (34172 bytes)
This is the original V-30. This was introduced in the 2nd Edition Rules/STIIISC
(Warp nacelles on the wings)
(This design is the worst I seen as far as accuracy, very few points line up, the important ones don't line up at all)

v30-cruiser_v31.jpg (30981 bytes)
This is the V-31. This was also introduced in the 2nd Edition Rules/STCS as a V-30.
(Warp nacelles also on the wings)


v30-v30variation.jpg (32196 bytes)
This image shows the two variants.
The counter on the top is from the STIII Starship Game and the
Bottom Counter is from the STCS Starship Game.
What we now know as the V-30 and V-31.
The V-30 Winged Defender and the Winged Defender Class Variant,, the V-31 Winged Defender,   respectively.



In the FASA#2303 Romulan Ship Recognition Manual, pg 19 the V-30(which is V-31 now) drawing is the same as the STCS V-31 drawing. And the stats for Type 2 in both books are the same.(no Type 1 in STCS).

In the older publication of FASA#2005 The Romulans Box Set, pg 24 the V-31 drawings are the same as the newer publication of FASA#2303 Romulan Ship Recognition Manual and STCS. The small amount of stats that are present in FASA#2005 lack details on what Type it is. However the stats do indicate that it has a plasma weapon, which would seem to indicate that the ship is of a V-31 Type 1, based on the fact that a Type 1 in the newer publication of FASA#2303 Romulan Ship Recognition Manual is the only Type with a plasma weapon.

The older stats in FASA#2005 The Romulans Box Set, pg 24  don't exactly match any of the Romulan Ship Recognition Manual and STCS types, so we discard FASA#2005's information since the stats where updated and corrected in the Romulan Ship Recognition Manual which came later. This follows FASA's rule "that later printings are the correct information". When making this write-up however, I did manage to use some of the History Details(of 2285) to add to the new description I compiled above(of 2287). The information was not at all contradicting but I found I needed to add in dates into the description to help establish the relevance of the information. (This History Description dating technique is something that FASA should have done and it always baffled me when it came to which year they where referring too in the history of the ships) . The stats I completely ignored as per FASA's ruling.

FASA#2006 Star Trek III Starship Combat Game original V-30 information was unavailable at the time of this write-up. Also I need to review the STCS book and the FASA Romulan/Klingon Treaty details.

Regarding If the two ships should be different classes, its still up in the air. The common method among fans when laying out starships with Variants is to place all on the same data sheet. With something like Type I  II  III  or MKI   II III or even better Variant Name-MK#. This method is best for say upgrade refits or actually variants that retain the majority of the ships of previous types. But in the case of the V-30 and V-31 the differences are so great, I'm considering in making this a separate class or "?class variant?" instead of using a single data sheet with MK revisions. Think of it as having the Constitution and the Enterprise on the same data sheet with just MK revisions, it would be ridicules considering the major change.

BTW this site I linked below mistakenly has the V-30 and V-31 images mixed up. The one image is from fasa and the other is a fan made cut and paste design(the disrupters are on the wings and the warp engines are underneath.) This is NOT the actual FASA Profile, and not at all relevant to fasas v30. The term "Winged Commander" is not consistent with FASA's newest description of the V-30(now known as the V-31) and there fore was not incorporated into this write-up.


v30-cruiserstcsdraw.jpg (20510 bytes)
Source: STCS (old V-30) - "stylized art" -
This drawing does not match FASA's own V-30 starship profiles, but here anyhow.


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