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  • Tactical Starship Combat
    Fasa Material - New updated and corrected FASA-Like Starship Construction Books, incorporate almost any cannon ship with these rules! Plus Starship stats and drawing (data sheets), New optional Rules, play aids. The unofficial 3rd Edition Construction Manual.

  • Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator: On-Line Database & Archive
    Fasa Material - There are oodles of ships and stats from the old Recognition Manuals, as well as more recent stuff drawn up by MU&A and others in support of the continuing TV series and movies.

  • Vintage Starships
    This site contains the rules for creating and playing the Federation (and Earth) Starships of the 2150-2230 era. The Original FASA ship construction manual allows creation of ships from 2230 onwards. The modules available on site extend this back to 2150, and the Romulan War era. The site also contains FASA conversions of ships from that period sourced from the classic Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology, the superb Starfleet Museum website, the excellent Ex-Astris Scientia website, and also some ships built to conjectural FASA designs.

  • Rob Bocchino's Fasa Star Trek Site
    An RPG and Starship Combat using the Gametable software. With forms for character creation and custom rules.

  • Ubergeeky Starship List: FASA
    Registry of ships and there condition.

  • Frylock's Gaming & Geekery - FASA Star Trek RPG Resources
    Resources for the Starship Combat games and TRPG. Downloads.

  • STCS: Starfleet's 8th Flotilla
    Star Trek according to FASA Ongoing Starship Tactical Combat Simulator campaign centered around Starfleet's 8th Border Flotilla, currently assigned to Klingon border patrol.

  • Sitzkrieg! Shields Up
    Unofficial Star Trek Games House Rules and Ship Stats.

  • ColdNorth - FASA Deck Plan Ship Design in Detail
    The following figures are derived from the FASA Ship Construction Manual, and are intended for use in creating detailed deck plans of vessels.

  • Standard FASA Nacelles
    Notes about sizes used. The "cut and paste" method of kitbashing used in the FASA Starfleet Ship Recognition Manual partially obscures the fact that the nacelles (and, in some cases, the primary saucers) used in the ships are of different sizes. A measurement of each picture based on the stated size of the ship represented will show this to be the case.

  • Kit Bash! - USS York, USS Antares - Freighter, USS McCashin - Ireland Class Heavy Cruiser
    Physical models with fasa ship stats.

  • Riley Dynamics Shipyards - Star Trek Schematics
    Contains FASA Ship Designs, Welcome to the Schematics Database! Here I intend to display schematics of spacecraft from various sources. These will eventually include Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, My own personal designs (either from stories or custom designs based on the previously mentioned sources), and who knows what else.

  • Resurrected Starships
    Starship database from several genres with informational videos.

  • STSTCS and STRPG info at JT-SW
    Varous Lists; Document Download Library List, Ship lists in FASA's Scenerios and Supplements, List of Class's from FASA's Stardate Magazine Issues. (Future spot for a Ship Construction Generator , Class/Vessel Registry and Charactor Generator Web Apps).

  • USS Arkansas States Class
    Home of the USS Arkansas States Class and SCTCS info

  • Goodreads
    Mark’s review of Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator

  • TCSBattles
    Tactical Combat Simulator Missions: This website hosts a number of scenarios for a Trek starship combat system originally published in the 1980's.

  • AMERICAN WARGAMERS ASSOCIATION: FASA Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator


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